Our Name

There are several stories concerning how the town came to be called "Maiden". It is generally agreed that the town took its name from the Maiden Creek, but history isn't in complete agreement on how the creek came to be so named. One theory is that the creek received its name from some maiden ladies who lived somewhere along its banks, but nobody ever knew who they were or exactly where they lived.

Pioneer James Caldwell, who came into the territory in the late 1780's, and finally settled at the head springs of this stream said it was so called from a species of short, bushy cane known at the time as Maiden Cane. This cane grew in abundance along the upper reaches of the stream, and Caldwell insisted that the creek was named for this cane.

Many people think the early settlers, coming from other colonies, named the streams flowing by their own houses for the streams in the colonies they had left. A stream known as Maiden Creek was in Pennsylvania in the section from which many of the settlers of this region came.

Regardless of its origin, the name Maiden was chosen over Carpenterville, Shrumtown, and several others. And while no one seems to be certain as to the origin of Maiden's name, it is certain that Maiden's origin was born of a definite purpose. It was to be a cotton mill site, and a trading center.