Welcome to the Town of Maiden's Public Works Department. Our Public Works Department exists to assure the Town has ample safe clean drinking water, an efficient sewer system, dependable and economic power, and clean safe streets. The department also provides services necessary for the operations of other Town departments.

Director of Public Works
Billy Price
(828) 428-5006

Street Department
Micah Beal
(828) 428-5037


Electrical Department
Bradley Sigmon
(828) 428-5033

Waste-Water Treatment Plant Superintendent
Tim Hedrick
(828) 428-5032

Water System Distribution
Brian Walker
(828) 428-5030


The Town of Maiden has been in the utility business for many years providing electric, sewer, water, and solid waste services for the residents of Maiden.

The Town of Maiden purchases its water from the Town of Hickory because the Catawba River Basin has greater flow capacity than Maiden Creek. During the drought of 2002 Maiden Creek experienced flow levels that could not support the Town's water needs. The Town of Maiden uses approximately 1.5 million gallons per day, with the capability of 3 million gallons per day.

You can find the annual CCR Report HERE.

The Town of Maiden currently operates a 1.0 million gallon capacity wastewater
treatment facility. The new facility operates two Sequencing Batch Reactors to effectively treat Maiden's Domestic and Industrial Wastewater.

Maiden SUO
Town's FOG
Sewer Use Ordinance
Town of Maiden

Public Notice
Per the requirements of House Bill 1160 of the Clean Water Act of 1999, the Town of Maiden has prepared an Annual Report for its Wastewater Treatment Facility and Collection System. The report covers the time period from Jan 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016. A copy of this report is on file at the following locations for public review.

Town of Maiden (Town Hall) 19 N. Main Avenue, Maiden, NC 28650
Town of Maiden (Wastewater Treatment Facility, 2090 W. Finger St. Ext., Maiden, NC 28650 (828) 428-5032

Water and Sewer Rates
The Town of Maiden rate structure is very competitive with other areas in the region. We also offer Economic Development rates to new and existing customers who are expanding their operations in the Maiden area.

Solid Waste
The Town of Maiden contracts with REPUBLIC SERVICES for solid waste collection and recycling.  Click here for pickup schedule.

Electric System
The Town of Maiden operates its own electric distribution system and substations. Maiden is a member of North Carolina Municipal Power Agency 1, which obtains power from the Catawba Nuclear Station. This association provides Maiden with an abundance of base load generation.

Electric Rates
Our electric rates are very competitive for the region. Maiden offers Economic Development Incentives rates to new and expanding customers who meet the current criteria of major expansion.