The Town of Maiden is working to protect our local streams from being damaged by stormwater pollution. When it rains, pollutants such as fertilizer, oil, grease and pet waste are picked up from the ground and carried into the nearest storm drain down the street. The storm drains are not connected to a treatment system, so everything that flows down the drain goes directly to the nearest creek, river or stream. Click here to learn more about how stormwater pollution occurs.

You can make a difference and help us keep our local waters clean. Thank you for taking the time to learn about stormwater. You can take the next step and get involved by doing one or more of the following:

• Take action with easy steps you can take to prevent stormwater pollution.

• Get involved with local projects and volunteer opportunities.

• Report stormwater problems you see in the community.

The Town of Maiden is setting an example for the community by working hard to prevent stormwater pollution. In 2005, the Town received a Phase II Stormwater permit that requires that the Town to develop and implement a stormwater management program that includes the following measures:

• Teach citizens and business owners about how they can prevent and reduce stormwater pollution.

• Involve citizens in developing and implementing the Town's stormwater program.

• Look for and remove unlawful discharges to the stormwater sewer system.

• Regulate new development activities to ensure that they provide appropriate treatment for stormwater before it reaches local waterways.

• Reduce and eliminate pollution resulting from municipal activities.

Please explore the pages below to learn more about stormwater:

Frequently Asked Questions

Easy Steps to Prevent Stormwater Pollution

Report as Stormwater Problem/Contact Staff

Volunteer Opportunities

Other Stormwater Resources

Phase II Stormwater Forms

Below are the official Town of Maiden Phase II Stormwater Forms. No changes from the official forms shall be accepted the digital version of the form is provided for your convenience. Any unauthorized alteration to any official form is prohibited. Official paper copies of all documents are located in the Town of Maiden Planning Department. Any questions regarding these documents should be directed to the Planning and Zoning Director, Travis Ramsey (828) 428-5034. All forms submitted to the department shall be neatly printed or typed. To return or submit forms by mail please use the following address. Town of Maiden Attn: Planning Department, 19 N. Main Avenue, NC 28650

Adminstrative Manual for the Phase II Storm Water Ordinance

Stormwater Agreement

Phase II Stormwater Low Density Permit Application

Revised EC - SW permit

Annual Inspection Report Wet Detention Basin

Annual Inspection Report Bioretention

Stormwater Maintenance Security