Golf Cart Permits

Golf Cart Permits

The Town of Maiden Golf Cart Ordinance requires you to have a yearly permit to operate a golf cart inside the town limits.  The permit can be obtained by
contacting the police department and scheduling an inspection by a police officer. 

The officer will require that the golf cart have the following items in order to be registered:   

  1. The golf cart cannot exceed 20 MPH.
  2. The golf cart must have proof of insurance.
  3. The golf cart must have a permanently mounted low-speed caution triangle with a minimum size of 12” or greater on all three sides of the triangle. This triangle should be mounted on the rear of the golf cart and be made out of reflective material.
  4. The golf cart must have a rearview mirror.
  5. The golf cart must have two rear red reflectors measuring at least 6 square inches. (Rear reflective light kits will suffice)
  6. The golf cart must be in satisfactory condition.

A few highlights that every operator needs to know:

  1. The golf cart must be operated by a driver at least 16 years of age and licensed to drive.
  2. The golf cart must be operated on roadways inside the Town limits of Maiden.
  3. Golf carts are allowed to cross over but are not to be operated on a roadway with a speed limit greater than 35 MPH.
  4. Golf carts may NOT be operated on sidewalks.
  5. Golf carts can only be operated on roadways between sunrise and sunset.
  6. You must adhere to all applicable North Carolina Traffic Laws.
  7. The number of passengers cannot exceed the capacity specified by the manufacturer.
Please click the link below to request a Golf Cart Permit Sticker or Inspection:

Golf Cart Permit Sticker or Inspection Request