The Maiden Street Department maintains city streets and constructs, repairs and cleans sidewalks, shoulders, storm drains, driveways, curbing, gutters, culverts, and stormwater system. Additionally, the Street Department is responsible for all street signage within the town limits.Street department also provides residential services such as rough trash pick-up, leaf and yard waste removal, and brush pick up.

Solid Waste / Recycling
The Town of Maiden contracts with REPUBLIC SERVICES for solid waste collection and recycling. Click here for pickup schedule. Please have your can out by 6am on your service day. East residents are serviced on Monday, east residents are serviced on Tuesday.

4Leaf / Yard Waste Collection

Town of Maiden offers year-round yard waste and leaf pick up. Please ensure no limbs, sticks, or metal objects are mixed in with leaves to be collected curbside. Debris other than leaves is likely to clog or damage equipment, which will slow collection.

Please be sure they remain behind the curb and do not spill into the road. If there is a sidewalk between your property and the road, please move leaves into the utility strip between the sidewalk and the road. Leaves behind sidewalks, in ditches, or within three feet of parked vehicles, utility pole, or mailboxes cannot be collected.

Streets 1Brush Pick Up
Town of Maiden offers brush and rough trash pick-up. Tree trimmings, hedge clippings, and similar materials shall be cut to a length not to exceed eight (8) feet and a diameter of no more than eight (8) inches and shall be hand placed at the edge of the street right of way. Trunk cut lengths shall not exceed three (3) feet in length, but still be a maximum 8 inches in diameter. Please make sure any tree or shrubbery trimmings are not blocking or hindering vehicle or pedestrian  traffic when placed at the right of way for pick up. Department doesn’t pick up stumps or debris from lot clearing

Rough Trash and White Goods

Item too large for regular trash can be put at the curb for pick up. These items include white goods, furniture, large cardboard and other household items.
Paint cans must have lids removed and paint must be dry 
Tires must be dismounted from wheels
Appliances must have doors removed

Streets 2Service Request

Electronic - EMAIL THE REQUEST TO US. CLICK HERE or Call 828-428-5000 between 8am - 5pm. 

Street Superintendent
Micah Beal
(828) 428-5037