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A friendly town with safe streets and neighborhoods.

Economic Development

Maiden has been fortunate over the years to enjoy such a large industrial base. Through the hard economic times that have fallen on the textile and furniture manufacturers, Maiden is still thriving and providing many jobs for the citizens of the community.

Looking to replace the vacancies left by companies impacted by economic hardships Maiden has found its place as the perfect location for new industries, including some of the world's foremost technology leaders. One of these companies, Apple, decided to make Maiden the home for it's east coast Data Center which was completed in 2012. See Steve Jobs announcement May 2011.  And seven years later, in 2018, after much expansion, Apple is once again in the news.  click on this link for Spectrum news.  Apple Video and news May 2018
Maiden continues to look for growth in this field due to it's ideal location for placement of mission critical facilities. Maiden has numerous sites identified with abundant, low cost and reliable power, water and fiber as well as an area typically isolated from disasters. For more information click PowerCenter@Maiden.

Textiles and furniture still play a vital role in the Town of Maiden with such employers as Delta Apparel, Ethan Allen, McCreary Modern, and Temple Furniture. Also, the Town is proud to be home to GKN Driveline, whose primary function is the design and building of axles for passenger cars and open gears for diesel engines.

Some of the other industries within the Town include Capricorn Electronics, North Safety Products, VonDrehle Corporation, Lawrence Lumber Company, Touch-Up Solutions, and numerous other small to medium size industrial and commercial operations.

The Town of Maiden is proud to provide a business friendly environment where the local business leaders can contact our local officials and staff to address their needs and concerns.


"For almost 60 years, we have enjoyed a very good relationship with the Town of Maiden, its Management, and its Service Departments. With their cooperative support staff, our needs are provided. Our Company, with its 600+ employees, is proud to be a partner and a part of this community."
- Wade Spears, General Manager
Ethan Allen, Inc.

"Having worked with the Town of Maiden for over 15 years and through two major construction projects, I find Maiden to be very good to work with. I feel they have done everything possible to help resolve any problem related to the services provided. We have worked with everyone from the Town Manager to the Fire, Police and Rescue and the Utility Department with very good results."
- Ronald Tyler