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Report a Stormwater Problem / Contact Staff

If you see something that might be stormwater pollution, please take action by doing one of the following:

  • Call the Maiden Town Hall at (828) 428-5000.
  • If you see the potential violation after business hours or on a weekend, you can call toll-free (877) 623-6748 or use the online complaint form to report it.

"Si Ud. ve que alguien esta pusiendo cualquier cosa en un arroyo o una alcantarilla, escriba a

If the call is an emergency that is threatening the loss of life or property, you should call the Maiden Police Department at (828) 428-5005 immediately.

When calling or completing the complaint form, you should be able to identify the location of the violation, give a description of the water and provide as much information as possible about the person or company responsible for the pollution. Please note that when you report a problem to the authorities, the information becomes public record.

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