The Town of Maiden operates two cemeteries- Maiden Municipal Cemetery and Rosenwald Cemetery. Please click for online record access:

Cemetery Ordinance 

*Records Disclaimer*
Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the provided online burial records. However, no guarantees are made to the accuracy of these records. If you feel you have found an error in these records, please email ahughey@maidennc.gov

Cemetery Fee Schedule:
Inside Rate = $400.00 per plot
Outside = $850 per plot

For Sales and Records information concerning the Town's Cemeteries please contact the Town Clerk at 828-428-5062.

Spring Cemetery Clean-Up

March 11th-15th, 2024
If you have anything on a grave that you would like to save, please remove it PRIOR to the Date that clean-up starts. All floral arrangements and other items must be removed from the graves. We will be cleaning and performing maintenance at the cemetery during the dates stated above. New arrangements can be placed on the graves starting the day AFTER the clean-up ends.