Programs and Community Involvement

Fire Prevention
The goal of Maiden Fire Department is to help reduce the chances of accidental and intentional fires by providing fire prevention to all our citizens. We believe that educating our children about fire prevention is a strong first step in allowing them to go home and educate their parents on how to keep their families safe.  It is vital that children of all ages learn about the dangers of fire.  Children playing with fire or ignition sources, such as lighters and matches, are the leading cause of these fires. Children must learn, at school and at home, how to prevent fires and how to stay safe if a fire does occur. Also, firefighters visit classrooms of our local schools to help the children become more familiar with the firefighters and their firefighting gear. This interaction is crucial so that in a real fire situation, children aren’t intimidated or scared by the firefighters that are there to help them in a time of need. If a child can see a firefighter dressed in their fire gear and equipment in a safe setting, they will be more likely to go to a firefighter in a real fire situation.

Smoke Detector and CO Detector Program
Maiden Fire Department participates in a statewide smoke and CO detector program annually. Members of the department may be seen out checking these alarms in residences to ensure the detectors are working properly. If the detectors are not working Maiden Fire Department will install a new detector free of charge for the homeowner. It is important for you as the homeowner to test your detectors monthly to ensure they operate properly. 

Mission Statement
The mission of Maiden Fire Department is to provide exceptional fire, medical, and rescue service to our community. We strive to minimize the loss of life and property resulting from fire, medical emergencies, and other situations through fast response, continuous training, teamwork and striving for improvement. We will provide a product deemed excellent by our customers – the visitors and citizens of Maiden.

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