Opening a Business

You have a great idea for a business and have found a great location to open in Maiden. Now what?
If you are ready to open a new business in an existing building, you will first need to contact the Maiden Planning and Zoning Department (828) 428-5035 to determine if the proposed use is allowed in the building’s underlying zoning district. If the use is allowed, a Zoning Permit will be issued. The fee for the permit will be $30.  Next, you will need to visit the Catawba County Permit Center, where you will apply for a Safety Inspection. This inspection involves the Fire Marshal and Building Inspector (if needed) inspecting the commercial space to determine if any changes are needed based on the Fire and Building Codes. A restaurant or food preparation business will also need an inspection from Catawba County Environmental Health.

After the respective inspections have been completed the Town of Maiden Planning and Zoning Department will issue the business a Certificate of Occupancy.

Almost time for you to open! When you think you are almost ready to open your doors, it might be a good idea to plan a grand opening and ribbon cutting. The Town would love to join you on your grand opening date for a ribbon cutting. Please let us know a few weeks in advance.  

You want to build a new commercial building or construct an additional building on your lot?

The Maiden Planning and Zoning Department strongly encourages developers planning to construct new commercial structures to meet with our department prior to plan submission. In addition to the Maiden Planning and Zoning Department, several other departments and agencies are involved in the approval process.

For Town of Maiden submittals, please submit two (2) complete sets of plans. Catawba County Building Services, Erosion Control, and Fire Marshal’s Office all review submitted plans as well. Please contact the Catawba County Permit Center at (828) 465-8399 to determine submittal requirements.

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